Leisure Groups, Series & Circuits

Leisure Groups, Series & Circuits

For more than 20 years Ignas Tour has been making a difference to our client's group traveling experieces. We are able to manage and operate any kind of group and target for Italy & Europe.


Here some of Ignas Tour's best seller leisure groups services and activities:
  • Art/Culture
  • Food & Wine
  • Pilgrimages & Religious Tours
  • Multigenerational & Families
  • Europe Round Trips
  • Winter Holidays & Skiing Services
  • Active Holidays (Adrenaline, Trekking, Rafting, etc..)
  • Bike Tours
  • Tickets for Operas & Sports
  • Luxury Experiences


Ignas Tour also manage several Group Tour Series and Circuits in whole Europe (Italy, Central Europe, Iberian Peninsula, Eastern Europe, Balcan Ares, Baltic States, Scandinavia), for many nationalities. Don't hesitate to write to info@ignastour.com and check our very competitive rates !



Our newly created brand "The Five Senses", suggested itineraries carefully designed to enhance client's sensory experience in Italy & Europe. Authentic, creative, memorable, unique and out of the beaten path tours covering every nuance of European history, culture and food tradition.
Whether your group is looking to See (Visus) and discover beautiful landscapes, the European highlights or be amazed by the uncountable art and cultural wonders, to Taste (Gustus) the local regional cuisine, to just Smell (Odoratus) the roses, gardens and experience Europe’s Great Green Beauty with unique tours, to learn the ancient crafts from the masters and Touch (Tactus) with your own hands, to Hear (Auditus) and attend major and lesser known music events, Ignas Tour has the perfect experience for you.

And for those that dare to know more we are introducing the new concept of the Sixth Sense, suggested itineraries and excursions focusing on the discovery of religions, myths, legends, mysteries and miraculous stories.

Write to info@ignastour.com for more INFO & REQUEST

Every Group Request will be answered in max. 24 hours.
We take care of all requests and client's need, delivering the highest standard of service, product integrity and leisure experience at a competitive rate !