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You have been to Venice countless times but yet you still can't help it to go back again and we totally understand it.
You have seen it all, all the touristy places like San Marco Basilica, Doge's Palace, of course you attended a glass-blowing workshop, you went on a Gondola ride. And now you wonder what else is there to see and to experience. Well, that is why we're here! To point out the lesser known or brand new experiences that are out there so that you can keep coming back loungig for more. An event that we would like to suggest is the Viva Vivaldi -The Four Seasons Mystery show, a one of a kind, multimedia event that takes place inside the Museo Diocesano . The show it's an exibition of Images, Music, Scents that will take you to a journey into the life and world of the famous genius Antonio Vivaldi, a composer ahead of his time.
The show is a brand new, unique, sensorial and musical cutting the edge experience. It offers a portrait of Vivaldi also named after his hair color, The Red Priest, through music and colors, thanks to a unique system that combines large HD images and surround sound with special scented effects. A true sensory experience!
The immersive itinerary goes through several rooms, offering each time a new experience to the visitor. It starts in the quiet cloister of Sant’Apollonia, then it continues to the upstairs rooms and ends in the ‘Sala ad Archi’ where the visitor lives a unique and thrilling experience: thanks to video-mapping technologies the architectures of the room come alive immersing the visitor in a dreamlike show of music and images.
The show will premier in Spring 2017 at Museo Diocesiano (Dioces Museum) and will run from May to October from 10.00am – 10.00pm and from October – March 2018 from 10.00am to 8.00pm. Open daily except Mondays.
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